Slowing Oscillation 斯洛頻率 / 鄧志峰-「台北出走音樂會」

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  • 河岸留言 音樂藝文咖啡 / 台北市中正區羅斯福路三段244巷2號B1(台電大樓旁)
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Slowing Oscillation (斯洛頻率


Slowing Oscillation is an Indie Alternative Rock band formed in Taipei, Taiwan, in 2015. 

Their influences come from bands such as Daphne Loves Derby, Circa Survive, and many others. 

Many of their songs utilize open jazz chords with alternative rock rhythms. 

There are currently 5 members: Jun, Baba, Ca, Wei, and Clay. 


Slowing Oscillation 是台灣搖滾樂團,成立於 2015 年的夏天。


作品深受許多獨立樂團像是 Daphne Loves Derby  Circa Survive 的影響。 


Jun (主唱

Baba (吉他

Ca (吉他

Wei (

Clay (貝斯





bandcamp: https://slowingoscillation.bandcamp.c...

IG: @slowingoscillation 



音樂創作及演繹化名為Chai Kefu,來自澳門的獨立音樂人,從2007年起,由開始彈吉他到嘗試音樂創作,組織樂隊至修讀音樂系、轉折唱作人至起動與不同藝術界別上的音樂計劃、到現在走赴國立台灣藝術大學研究所深造表演藝術以及組織不同領域的藝術家開展、出版並推廣由Warm Wall暖巢音樂所經營的音樂計劃。


Musician :

Chai Kefu, a young musician from Macau, has begun his musical journey since he got his very first guitar in 2007. Later on, he studied music at the university and started his own band.

He has since been exploring his self-identity as a performer and as a songwriter through multiple cross-field projects. Now a graduate student at the National Taiwan University of Arts, Chai Kefu is also the founder of his musical label 'WARM WALL,' which successfully conbines the collaborative efforts of various artists.

From pop to classical music, Chai Kefu has experimented with a lot of different genres; his musical style has gone from that of a psychedelic wonderland into a dreamy paradise.

Each of his songs represents his way and philosophy of life.

河岸留言 音樂藝文咖啡 / 台北市中正區羅斯福路三段244巷2號B1(台電大樓旁)

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